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The Real Queen Charlotte: Wife of George III

The History Reader; Queen Charlotte

by Janice Hadlow Queen Charlotte of Mecklenberg Strelitz, the wife of George III, has never enjoyed a particularly good press. During her lifetime, and in the nearly two hundred years that have elapsed since her death in 1818, she has been

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It Ended Badly In Divorce: 10 Historic Divorce Facts

It Ended Badly; William S. Burroughs; Divorce

by Jennifer Wright Three Unusual Reasons For Divorce In 1613 the Countess of Essex demanded a divorce from her husband because, as her father quipped, “the Ear has no ink in his pen.” Essex and the court decided that he was impotent

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Charles Ponzi: What Makes a Con Artist?

Charles Ponzi; My Adventures with your moeny

by T.D. Thornton When you think of the history of con artists, what images come to mind? Perhaps it’s the dashing “sharpie in a fedora” stereotype that hearkens to the Roaring Twenties. Maybe it’s the juxtaposition of financial ruin with

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No More Champagne: Churchill and His Money

No More Champagne

by David Lough An Introduction This book owes its genesis to a provocative history teacher and to a scandalized grandmother. The first tried to stimulate independent thought in his fourteen-year-old pupils by describing Winston Churchill as ‘a romantic old windbag’;

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Yes and No: My Own Tale of the Ouija Board

The Ouija Board was marketed as both mystical oracle and as family entertainment, fun with an element of other-worldly excitement. 
Image is in the public domain via Source (Bettmann/CORBIS)

by Roger Clarke One thing I never really covered in my book Ghosts: A Natural History was my early experiences with ouija boards. Really, it reads like the script of an as-yet unwritten horror movie: teenagers in an unsupervised summer

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