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The Mount Tambora Eruption: The Volcano That Darkened the World and Changed History

The Mount Tambora Eruption

by William K. Klingaman and Nicholas P. Klingaman The Mount Tambora Eruption JUST BEFORE SUNSET on April 5, 1815, a massive explosion shook the volcanic island of Sumbawa in the Indonesian archipelago. For two hours, a stream of lava erupted

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John Quincy Adams: American President & Patriot

John Quincy Adams

Phyllis Lee Levin From the book: The Remarkable Education of John Quincy Adams A patriot by birth, John Quincy Adams’s destiny was foreordained. He was not only “The Greatest Traveler of His Age,” but his country’s most gifted linguist and

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Frederick Douglass: A Life and Times

Frederick Douglass

by James A. Colaiaco Frederick Douglass On Monday, July 5, 1852, Frederick Douglass, the former slave, made his way to majestic Corinthian Hall, located in downtown Rochester, New York, near the Genesee River. He had been invited to deliver a

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Tanaghrisson the Soldiers of the American Revolution

tanaghrissonl; Band of Giants

by Jack Kelly Excerpts from Chapters 1 & 2 Silence. Rain spat cold on the napes of forty armed Virginians groping through “a Night as dark as Pitch.” They found the camp of their Indian ally Tanaghrisson and his braves.

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Primo Levi: An Author Q&A

Primo Levi

by Sergio Luzzatto No other Auschwitz survivor has been as literately powerful and historically influential as Primo Levi. Yet Levi was not only a victim or a witness. In the fall of 1943, at the very start of the Italian

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