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Shedding the Mythology of the Good Slaveholder

Tomlinson Hill Welcome Sign

By Chris Tomlinson My grandfather used to tell me that our family had owned slaves before the Civil War, and they loved us so much that they took our last name. The descendants of the former slaves, he said, still

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Today in History: Almost 100 Years After the Death of the Romanovs

The Romanov Sisters cover

On this day in history, 96 years ago, the Romanov Family was awakened from their sleep and executed, under the impression they were being moved for safety reasons. Helen Rappaport depicts the personal lives of the four Romanov sisters through

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Life on the Streets of Victorian London

Leadenhall Street in Victorian London

By Judith Flanders One of the earliest changes to the streets was the arrival of public transport. For most of the century, most people walked—an hour to work, an hour home, was not unusual. But in 1828, a coach-builder saw

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The Lost Lives of the Romanov Sisters

Tsar and Anastasia smoking

By Helen Rappaport What more is there possibly to know, you may ask, about the Romanov sisters—beyond the familiar image of four pretty girls in white dresses and big picture hats? It’s a perennial question, and one to which the

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How the Spanish Armada Was Really Defeated

Spanish Armada off the English Coast

By Robert Hutchinson The Spanish Armada campaign of 1588 changed the course of European history. If the Duke of Parma’s 27,000 strong invasion force had safely crossed the narrow seas from Flanders, the survival of Elizabeth I’s government and Protestant

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