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John Humphrey Noyes: Inventing ‘Free Love’

Polly Hayes Noyes; John Humphrey Noyes

Ellen Wayland-Smith A Minister Is Born: John Humphrey Noyes When John Humphrey Noyes’s mother, Polly Hayes Noyes, took a deep breath after the travail of childbirth to see that her firstborn son was a “proper child”—that is, one apparently hearty enough

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Varian Fry: The Artist’s Oskar Schindler

Varian Fry

by Kate Lord Brown Varian Fry and The House of Dreams The House of Dreams has been maturing for twenty years. A book that took three to finally research and write. It is inspired by the story of Varian Fry,

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Johann Strauss: By Royal Appointment

Johann Strauss I

by John Suchet Johann Strauss Journeys to the United Kingdom Between that first concert on 17 April 1838 and the end of July, Johann Strauss and his orchestra gave a total of seventy-nine performances in London alone, and the list

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Kick Kennedy on the Eve of WWII

Kick Kennedy

by Barbara Leaming Kick Kennedy: The Charmed Life and Tragic Death of the Favorite Kennedy Daughter On the evening of September 21, 1938, Kick Kennedy found her assigned place in the dining room of the cream-colored castle, which had been

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Paul Revere: Revolutionary Dissent

Paul Revere

by Stephen Solomon Paul Revere: The Silver Smith When John Singleton Copley painted a portrait of Paul Revere in 1768, he depicted an idealized image of one of Boston’s leading artisans. Revere, then in his mid-thirties, sits behind a polished

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