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The Urban-Rural Divide: Deep Roots in American History

Cotton_plantation_on_the_Mississippi,_1884_(cropped again)

by Daniel Blake-Smith The urban-rural divide throughout American history Anyone observing America’s ongoing culture wars, especially as they surface in the current presidential election cycle, is forcefully reminded that we are not a country divided by red and blue states;

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Weird Ways to Die in Florida: FDR’s Assassin Giuseppe Zangara


by Craig Pittman Giuseppe “Joe” Zangara: FDR’s Assassin In my time covering courts, I tracked down the grave of Giuseppe “Joe” Zangara, a bricklayer who in 1933 tried to assassinate President-elect Franklin Roosevelt after a speech at Miami’s Bayfront Park. Zangara

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Otto Wollank: The House by the Lake

Otto Wollank; Gross Glienicke lake

by Thomas Harding WOLLANK 1890 Sitting astride his horse, Otto Wollank made his way slowly through a narrow avenue of ripening vines, towards a lake, shimmering in the early-morning light. The way was sandy and treacherous, he had to be

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Charles Finney: The Original Billy Graham

Charles Finney

by Jack Kelly Charles Finney and the Erie Canal Billy Graham ‘s long career invites comparisons with America’s greatest evangelists, including Dwight Moody in the late nineteenth century and Billy Sunday in the early twentieth. But Graham’s real roots reached

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Theodore Roosevelt: The Original War on Terror

Roosevelt-Fairbanks Crop

by Michael Wolraich Theodore Roosevelt and Terrorism Some years ago, an unstable young man committed one of the most notorious terrorist acts in U.S. history. He was American-born, but his parents were immigrants, and his allegiance to a radical ideology

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