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A ‘Most Honest Horse Thief’: James Byrnes’ Role In Japan’s Conditional Surrender


By Paul Ham Upon his swearing in as President Harry Truman’s Secretary of State, on 3rd July 1945, James Francis ‘Jimmy’ Byrnes quietly assumed greater powers than his new position entailed. In coming weeks, Byrnes would act as Truman’s big

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Shedding the Mythology of the Good Slaveholder

Tomlinson Hill Welcome Sign

By Chris Tomlinson My grandfather used to tell me that our family had owned slaves before the Civil War, and they loved us so much that they took our last name. The descendants of the former slaves, he said, still

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The Invasion of Okinawa

LSM's launching rockets 5 days before the invasion of Okinawa

By P. T. Deutermann The invasion of Okinawa (April 1, 1945, to June 22nd, 1945,) turned out to be the last big naval battle of World War II. Yes, naval battle. For the U.S. Navy, it was more costly than

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The Dow Jones Celebrates an Anniversary

By Milton Ezrati The venerable Dow Jones Industrial Stock Index recently celebrated an anniversary—one year since it first reached a level of 15,000. Though the event is more psychological than economic, financial, or historical, still such milestones should prompt reflection

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Flying Marine One: A Q&A with Colonel Ray L’Heureux

Marine One White House

Colonel Ray “Frenchy” L’Heureux flew the last four presidents during his time piloting Marine One. He sat down with us to discuss his amazing career. History Reader: You are retired now, but at one point, you were flying possibly the

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