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March 9,1916: Pancho Villa and the Villista Raid on Columbus

By: Alejandro de Quesada A series of meetings were held between an Associated Press correspondent, Mr. George L. Seese, and a Villista agent. The agent wanted to convey to the Americans via their press that Villa had nothing to do

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February 6-7, 1968: Battle of Lang Vei Special Forces Camp


By Gordon L. Rottman On the morning of January 24, the 33d Royal Laotian Battalion (BV33) astride QL9 at Ban Houaysan just inside Laos was attacked and overrun by NVA infantry and PT-76 tanks. (BV33 was funded by the CIA

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Unconditional Surrender: Questioning FDR’s Prerequisite for Peace

Roosevelt at Casablanca

By Agostino Von Hassell and Sigrid Macrae At a cluster of sunny villas near Casablanca, the Anglo-American Allies gathered in January 1943 to discuss how to end what was beginning to look like a war that might be won, and

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Understanding Haiti

Map of Haiti

By Laurent Dubois On January 12, 2010, Haiti was struck by one of the deadliest earthquakes in modern history, which killed upwards of 230,000 people and left millions homeless. The country’s National Palace, Port-au-Prince’s historic cathedral, and the headquarters of

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Napoleon: Son of the Revolution


By Alan Forrest Napoleon Napoleon’s rise owed everything to the French Revolution, to its ideals of liberty and equality, the meritocracy that lay at its roots, and the huge institutional changes that it wrought. Without the events of 1789, France would

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