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Salute: The Real Old Breed– Elmo “Pop” Haney

By Thurman Miller Some men go to war only because they’re ordered to under penalty of imprisonment, others because their love of country outranks their sense of self-preservation. During my time in the Marine Corps, I came to know a

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Portrait of a Ranger as a Young LRRP Warrior in Vietnam

LRRP Warrior in Vietnam

By Gary O’Neal and David Fisher There were no other units in Vietnam like the LRRPs. In fact, you probably had to go back to the American Revolution and the Civil War to find small units fighting a guerrilla war

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April 1, 1970: Fire Base Illingworth, Hell on Earth

By Phil Keith It was quiet, but it wouldn’t be for long. Lieutenant Colonel Mike Conrad, Commanding Officer of the 2/8, and the senior officer commanding at FSB Illingworth, knew the NVA were out there. His ground surveillance radar had

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Robert Rogers and the Early Ranger Warriors

Rogers Rangers Marksmen

By Chris McNab Along the frontiers of the northern American colonies, where most of the battles of the French and Indian War (1754–63) took place, “Rangers” proved indispensable adjuncts to the main regular and provincial armies, both as partisan warriors

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The Pope’s Last Crusade: How an American Jesuit Helped Pope Pius XI’s Campaign to Stop Hitler

Pope Pius XI

By Peter Eisner Castel Gandolfo, June 23, 1938 Two days after the Eucharistic Congress, the pope cel­ebrated his eighty-first birthday. He had recovered so well from his illness a year and a half earlier that the Vatican doctors had suspended

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