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A Brief History of the Real Red Tails

By Clint Van Winkle In an era when African-Americans were treated like sub-humans, a group of African-Americans were flying the most advanced technology the U.S. military had to offer. These WWII-era pilots, along with support crew, are known as the

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Manstein and Sichelschnitt

By Major Mungo Melvin   The man is not to my liking, but he knows something about [how] to get things done. —Adolf Hitler   Preview: Breakfast with Hitler On 17 February 1940 in Berlin there occurred a simple, unassuming

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1993 Battle of Mogadishu: A SEAL’s-Eye View

By Howard E. Wasdin and Stephen Templin As we pulled back into the compound, everyone was jocking up for something big. Helicopters spun up, Humvees pulled into position, and everyone topped off their magazines. Although the sun shone brightly through

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September 2, 1945: Formal Surrender of Japan in Images

By Callie Oettinger September 2, 1945, the formal ceremonies, marking the surrender of Japan, took place aboard the USS Missouri. This collection of images features pictures taken the morning of–and during–the ceremony, the two-page Instrument of Surrender, and a copy

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Lucky Luciano and WWII’s Operation Husky

lucky luciano

By Tim Newark Locked in prison, reading daily newspaper reports of Allied victories, Charlie Luciano got impatient. He wanted to be part of the action. If the U.S. government were grateful to him for his help against enemy agents at

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