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D-Day: What Happened on the Eve of D-Day?

American troops approaching omaha beach on DDay

by Giles Milton Who was Howard Vander Beek? And what happened to him on the night before D-Day? Well, it turns out that his quick thinking saved the lives of no fewer than 21,000 men.

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D-Day: What Was Operation Tarbrush X?

Invasion of Normand

by Giles Milton General Eisenhower and the architects of D-Day knew that the Allied landings would only be successful if they had up-to-the-minute information about the German coastal defenses. They already had French spies working on their behalf—and we’ll get

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Friendship in the American Frontier: Wild Bill and Buffalo Bill

Buffalo Bill Cody

by Tom Clavin They were the two most famous plainsmen of the American West, and they shared the same first name. Well, sort of. William Cody came to be known as Buffalo Bill and James Butler Hickok came to be

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The Softer Side of Wild Bill Hickok

Calamity Jane

by Tom Clavin It should surprise no one that Wild Bill Hickok was a ladies’ man. As detailed in my book Wild Bill there were quite a few romances during his too-short life, some with local ladies referred to as “Indian Annies”

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Baron von Steuben: An Unknown Revolutionary War Hero

Baron von Steuben

by Tom Clavin Aside from George Washington himself, perhaps the most remarkable character in the story of Valley Forge is the Baron Friedrich Wilhelm Ludolf Gerhard Agustin von Steuben. In American history, he has gone down as a great Prussian general

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