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Who Was William Dudley Pelley and the Silver Legion?

william dudley pelley

by Bradley Hart In 1933, a former Hollywood screenwriter-turned-mystic named William Dudley Pelley made a startling public announcement. During a trance four years earlier, Pelley claimed, he had received some startling news from his spiritual contacts. The world was about

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Who Was Fritz Kuhn and the German American Bund?

fritz kuhn bund rally

by Bradley Hart On the Fourth of July, 1937, a group of Americans gathered in the town of Yaphank, Long Island, to celebrate the country’s birthday. Many of the traditional elements of Americana were present, including picnic baskets, beer, and

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The NYPD’s Most Decorated Detective

by Ralph Friedman, with Patrick Picciarelli I was constantly on the prowl to make quality arrests, the important word being quality. I doubt there’s a police officer in New York who couldn’t lock someone up thirty minutes into a shift. There’s

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